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The NCREI Presents: The Quality of Life Gamut

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

The NCREI Presents: The Quality of Life Gamut

Created by Executive Director Davyd Hall, the Quality of Life Gamut describes and depicts life experience areas, which have various access and barrier abilities due to one’s identity, cultural history, and privilege within society. While embedded throughout humanity and cross-cultural communication, the quality of life gamut serves as the primary resource for systemic impact and experience. It's justice-driven focus aims to create a more equitable society. After reviewing and understanding the gamut, the expectation is that DEI explorers will dive into systemic areas that directly impact their lives and explore how their work systematically affects institutions to promote equitable access.

The Quality of Life Gamut is composed of:

  • Education

  • Financial Management

  • Housing

  • Criminal Justice - Justice Involvement

  • Government Agency & Involvement

  • Environment

  • Public Health & Wellness

  • Employment

  • Business Development

  • Technology Accessibility

  • Civil Liberties & Experiences (Voting, Public Safety, Art, Museums)


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