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NCREI at Martin University - Vision Fram


The National Center for Racial Equity and Inclusion at Martin University will help develop sustainable strategies and practices that address racial inequity, creating more inclusive and affirming environments for all. We also recognize our responsibility to advance collaboration and collective impact with other organizations that seek to resolve racial equity gaps throughout our country based on the Quality of Life Gamut created by Executive Director, Davyd Hall.  

The National Center for Racial Equity and Inclusion at Martin University will advance capacity-building strategies and initiatives that address and rectify persistent racial inequities and achieve access, diversity, racial equity, and social justice for minoritized people, communities, and organizations and minority-owned businesses, institutions, in the State of Indiana and nationally.

Martin University will continue to serve as a social anchor and redouble our efforts and "bona-fide" commitment to achieving inclusive excellence, racial equity, social justice, access, and opportunities for all that align with our mission. Our intended partners include:

  • Martin WORKS Employer Partners

  • Corporate Clients

  • Governmental, Non-profit, Civic, Religious Entities

  • National Policy Think Tanks

  • K-12 and Higher Education District, Institutions and Systems

Moreover, it is our hope that through creating and building robust approaches to creating access, diversity, racial equity, and inclusive excellence; the National Center for Racial Equity and Inclusion at Martin University will become a preeminent industry leader in shaping culture, external affairs, developing inclusive leaders, internal engagement, and social responsibility. We intend to achieve these elements through:


  • Coalition Building

  • Community Impact

  • Strategic Advocacy

  • Constructive Activism

  • Growth Mindset, Education, Knowledge, and Skills  

Martin University's National Center for Racial Equity and Inclusion (NCREI) is to assist leaders, communities, and organizations in their efforts to strengthen diversity, equity, and inclusion. The NCREI will skill up DEI professionals for sustainable practices, advance capacity-building strategies and initiatives that address persistent racial inequities, and achieve more inclusion for communities, businesses, institutions, and organizations throughout our nation through education and training.  We also recognize our responsibility to advance collaboration and collective impact with other organizations that seek to resolve racial equity gaps in our country. Operating based on the DEI Foundational Model created by Executive Director Davyd Hall, the primary vehicles of services are:

Consulting and coaching engagements with businesses, higher education institutions, school districts, and other organizations focused on achieving inclusive excellence. Consulting services may include:

  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion strategic planning support

  • Equity, inclusion, and sense of belonging assessments

  • Workforce recruitment and retention strategies

  • Supplier diversity program development and implementation

  • Professional development for diversity, equity, and inclusion leaders

Workshops, lectures, road mapping, assessments, seminars, and other development activities focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion topics. We will engage highly accomplished subject matter experts to help leaders and organizations increase their knowledge and abilities for effectively developing sustainable practices that are measurable and impactful. These learning and development events will be open to the community or target specific audiences and at times, will be planned in partnership with other organizations and institutions. 


Programs and Initiatives that involve ongoing strategies and engagement for improving racial equity and inclusion outcomes. Some examples include:

  • NCREI Access Fair - An access fair intended to connect the minority communities of Indianapolis to surrounding resources and organizations that are set to dispel access to a better quality of life.

  • Brother to Brother - An initiative that will focus on helping to empower, influence, and support success for men of color through education, networking, mentorship, and coalition building.

  • DEI Leadership Academy - A professional development program for current and aspiring diversity, equity, and inclusion professionals and practitioners.

  • Degrees of Freedom - A program designed to increase educational attainment for incarcerated individuals and ex-offenders.

  • Urban Leadership Summit - A coalition-building initiative for civic and community leaders, providing a workspace for leaders to construct new initiatives that will help initiate change and engender greater accountability for racial equity.  


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The NCREI at Martin University shall be a nationally acclaimed, catalytic organization invested in fostering racial equity and inclusive excellence through five pillars of focus, including:

1). Leveraging legacy 

2). Propelling people and strengthening families

3). Sparking listening, learning, and leading 

4). Advancing institutional and organizational effectiveness

5). Embodying presence, partnerships, and perseverance 


Leverage Legacy 

Outreach, Engagement, Collective Impact 


Propel People and

Strengthen Families  

Access, Opportunity, Health Outcomes, Economic Justice and Wealth Creation 


Education, Training, and Professional Development 


Spark Listening, Learning,

and Leading  


Disrupt and Dismantle Systemic Racism and Historical and Contemporary Exclusion 


Advance Institutional and

Organizational Effectiveness  


Fueling Sustainability, Strategic Partnerships, and Waymaking 

Embody Presence, Partnerships,

and Perseverance   



Shape Culture | Engage | Lead Change 

St. Martin de Porres-01.png

Always consider others as more worthy and more worthy than you; at the same time strive to be as holy as you can be.  

- St. Martin de Porres 

The hope of a secure and livable world lies with disciplined nonconformists who are dedicated to justice, peace and brotherhood. 

- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 

Systems and structures that have deeply embedded racism, inequity, and exclusion are costly and weaken our society. Therefore, we must find effective ways to uplift all populations and pay close attention to those whose needs and identities are often marginalized or ignored. 

- Dr. Sean Huddleston 

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